The TerraNotes GEOSearch Engine technology is a proprietary computer technology that scans the whole property to find new target zones highly similar to a known mineralization zone. The process uses airborne or ground magnetic and radiometric survey signatures - we can add other data such as gravity, drill log results, geology, etc.

On the 1st map below, the blue arrow indicates a small zone where some lithology is known (from government geology map) including possible QFPs. 
The Client's geologist had not yet visited the area and he asked us to search for similar targets on the whole property.
After our Search Engine scan of the entire property and interpretation of the search results, we have identified a number of targets similar to the presumed QFPs in the known area. 

On the first map below, a small area has been briefly explored by the government geological survey - see zoomed geology map and legend. They had found QFP lithologies in that small known area.

The client owns the whole property and the question is "are there other QFP zones in that property?"

The map below shows the Known Area with identified QFPs.

After conducting an airborne radiometric+ magnetic survey, the TerraNotes GEOSearch Engine identified 9 new zones similar to the Known QFPs. The 9 zones are displayed on the map under the tip of red arrows.

Later on, the client conducted ground geology and drilling work and found that most of the new areas had shown strong gold mineralization. 

The size of the property scanned is 40 km by 40 km.


  1. Client identifes a specific mineralization target.
  2. An airborne radiometric + magnetic survey covers that target and generates a geophysics signature of the target.
  3. The airborne survey is expanded to cover the whole region.
  4. The TerraNotes GEOSearch Engine technology processes the survey data to discover new zones with signatures similar to the original mineralization target.

This approach is effective and can save years of costly exploration.



Geophysics Analysis & Interpretation