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This is a 120 Channels complete system. It is one of the longest Survey Array in America allowing for Survey up to 1,200 metres survey length. Array configuration and have allowed us to reach depth of up to 500 metres below ground level for gold exploration in difficult mountainous terrain like in the Yukon.


  1. 2 sets of 120 channels detectors Multi-Electrode Resistivity Survey System. Multiple function in one machine: The instrument has four functions including long lead IP instrument, 2D high density resistivity meter, 2D high-density IP instrument, and medium-power short lead transmitter. There are 2 sets of this detector so that you will never be stuck in the field with a system breakdown.
  2. 2 sets of Multi-Function DC IP Resistivity Meters. There are 2 sets of this detector so that you will never be stuck in the field with a system breakdown. See specifications below
  3. 1 rectifier 3Kw 
  4. Also includes 1 rectifier, 1 Honda 1800 W generator as well as connection/communication cords, 1 testing board, 1500 metres of cables, connectors, 60 used batteries, spare fuses, spare resistors, 1 Hilti 7E 7OATCC Performance Package Combihammer with hammer drill bits and pointed chisel (value $2500), fieldwork tools, etc.  
  5. Customized alloy electrodes for enhanced contact and depth of measurement. Includes 2 sets of 120 electrodes, 1500 metres of cables and robust connections.
  6. Processing  and Imaging Software includes an Inversion Software specifically developed for this equipment. In 2010-2011 we developed that software in collaboration with the University of Alberta. Buyers will have access to the codes. 
  7. Inversion software and codes. We developed the inversion software specifically for this system's configurations.
  8. Systems operating manuals and software ReadMe files.
  9. Packaged in Pelican Boxes. Ready to ship ~1200 pounds weight.
  10. Possibility of a 3 days on-site training program by our resistivity specialist at cost

We purchased and customized the system directly from the manufacturer. It was used 4 times in the field between 2008 and 2014. The company is now focusing exclusively on airborne surveys data analysis and therefore we are selling all assets related to other geophysics activities.

Top notch condition, like new. We will also include 3 days of training at the buyer's location.

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The image above shows contamination plumes produced by an oil well leakage. The property was scanned with the TerraNotes Resistivity system.

That image was produced after data processing and shows the distribution of the real data (not modelled data).


It is packed with the most technologically advance components available (state-of the-art) – high resolution receiver, a powerful transmitter and a 120 channel smart-electrode selector – and built for the most demanding conditions in the field.


  1. Manufactured to the most stringent electrical standards, the cables and connectors are guaranteed for an extended service life under the most testing conditions.


Two types of electrodes come with the system.

  1. 124 Large Electrodes (80cm in length and 2 cm in diameter) for deep strong contact and deep penetration. We have customized the alloy to manufacture these electrodes for achieving greater conductivity while keeping the price affordable.
  2. 120 Small Electrodes (26 cm in length x 0.8 cm diameter) for shallower projects. 


  1. The instrument adopts all-digital automatic measurement, thus can execute automatic compensation for spontaneous potential, drift and electrode polarization.
  2. Large screen LCD display.
  3. More than fourteen types of wiring working mode can be directly displayed in high-density measurement mode 
  4. Nine types of electrode arranging methods can be directly displayed
  5. Real-time curve display can be realized while operating in the field.


  1. In high-density mode, the instrument can store the measured data at 120,000 measuring points
  2. The stored data can be directly transferred to the computer.


Includes the codes, user manual and 1 day live training training for ResInv --- DC Resistivity Inversion Program researched and created specifically for this equipment.

The inversion algorithm was based upon the multi-layers earth distribution with various resistivity values (or, conductivities) and thicknesses.  Using the inverted resistivities and/or thicknesses the distribution of underground material can be mapped in both the vertical and the horizontal directions. It makes the building of three-dimensional model possible when the field survey grid is applied. With the knowledge of the relationship between the resistivities and the geology, the geologist can make a geological interpretation using the inversion model (for example, contact either between two types of geological units; or between overburden and bed rock; or between bed rocks; or in groundwater and environmental applications distinguish between clean versus contaminated soils; etc.) 

Here is the introduction to the research paper that we have written regarding the development of this software:

Numerical simulations have been widely employed in the study of complex and large scale problems in science and engineering. TerraNotes has developed many technologies which are capable of extracting important information for practical geophysical applications utilizing the ground and airborne data. This project uses an efficient computational method for accurate and fast numerical solution for forward resistivity model. In this project, we perform an inverse calculation, so that important geological parameters, such as depth, can be estimated. An efficient numerical algorithm has been developed and implemented in Fortran code, and extensive simulations have been carried out to demonstrate that the developed technique is robust and effective.  



Measuring Voltage Range: -6000mV~+6000mV
Measuring Voltage Resolution: 0.01 mV
Measuring Voltage Accuracy: (at Vp>10mV)±5%, ±1 digit; (at Vp<10mV)±1%, ±1 digit
Measured Apparent Polarizability Accuracy: ±1%, ±1 digit
Measuring Current Range: 0~5000 mA
Measuring Current Resolution: 0.01 mA
Measuring Current Accuracy: (at Ip>10mA)±5%, ±1 digit; (at Ip<10mA)±1%, ± digit
Input Impedance: ≥50MΩ
Interference Suppression on 50Hz Power Frequency: Better than 80dB


Maximum Transmitting Power: 4500 W
Maximum Power Supply Voltage 900V
Maximum Power Supply Current: 5A
Instrument has over-voltage and over-current protection devices
Power Pulse Width: 1-60 seconds, Duty Cycle 1:1

Others Parameter

Working Temperature: -10°Cto +50°C, 95%Rh
Storage Temperature: 20°C to +60°C
Power Supply: 1# Dry Cell (or rechargeable battery with the same specification) 8 pcs
Machine Current: < 55 mA
Weight: 8 kg
Volume: 305×200×202 mm

Multiplex Electrode Converter

Conversion Electrodes: 60 channels or 120 channels
Sopported manual configuration: Wenner, Schlumberger 1, Schlumberger 2, Dipole-Dipole, Combined Profiles, Differential, Pole-Pole, Triple-Pole Rolling,
Operating Mode: 16-key keypad with 90 character LCD display combines to form man-machine dialogue operation.
Maximum Allowable Current: 2A
Maximum Withstand Voltage: 500V DC
Insulating Property: 500MΩ
Electroshock Break-over Resistance: smaller than 0.1Ω
Power Consumption: 50 mA (Standby)
Power Supply: 1# Dry Cell (or rechargeable battery with the same specification) 8 pcs.
Working Temperature: -10℃~ +50℃, 95%Rh
Weight: 7 kg (60 channels), 7.5kg (120 channels)
Volume: 305×200×202mm (60 channels), 324×200×245mm (120 channels)

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