Geophysics Analysis & Interpretation


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Extract more valuable information from your surveys

Geophysics surveys are expensive. Therefore, we have developed technologies to extract more information from your survey data to improve the productivity of your surveys.


The TerraNotes Workflow™ is a work plan and project management process for efficient processing of the data and for a logical step by step Quality Control for each deliverables. 

Mapping and visualization

Besides performing traditional filtering and enhancements (horizontal, vertical, tilt angle etc), we will also apply the more advanced TerraNotes amplification techniques using our technologies (not commercial generic black-box software). 

Our technologies that we use have been researched and developed by TerraNotes Ltd, with some of them in collaboration with the University of Alberta, the National Research Council, research consultants and airborne geophysics companies.

Our technologies expose hidden and faint geological features at different depths.


We have researched and developed a number of techniques that improve the qualitative and quantitative interpretations at the regional scale, at the local scale or at the drill grid scale.

In our reports, we delineate and prioritize structures of interest and provide databases of the attitude and depth of the structures of interest in preparation for future ground work or direct drilling.

Our team comprising geologists and a geophysicists work together at the interpretation stage. A key step in the interpretation process is the ability to translate the magnetic and gravity maps that we produce into geologic meaning.


Applications for oil and gas exploration, mine exploration, groundwater and environmental applications. 
TerraNotes geophysics provices airborne surveys advanced data analysis, imaging, and interpretation.

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