Geophysics Analysis & Interpretation


TerraNotes goes beyond processing the standard products such as TMI, RTP, vertical and horizontal derivatives, tilt derivatives and HD of tilt derivatives, radiometric channels and ratios, etc that you can obtain from any geo contractor.

TerraNotes provides a number of specialty products unique to TerraNotes to enhance the standard processing results. These products can be purchased individually to complement a survey’s data analysis and interpretation; or they can be added to TerraNotes’ full processing of airborne surveys dataset.

MAGNETIC & GRAVITY Airborne Surveys Advanced Mapping 

Advanced Airborne Magnetic and Gravity processing to map Structures, Faults, Contacts with greater precision.

Basement Topography in 3D maps based on airborne survey data.

Imaging Decomposition of the Magnetic Field: goodbye “big blob” airborne magnetic maps; Hello precision.

Inversions Based on the Magnetic Field Decomposition Mapping.


EM (Electromagnetic) Airborne Surveys

Advanced mapping of conductive zones: This innovative product maps the edges, ridges or valleys (such as central lows) of conductors and shows the details of the trends, texture, complexity, locations of discontinuities and changes in conductor form.

Cross Sections of the Conductive Zones.

A New Airborne EM (electromagnetic) Survey Configuration: This airborne configuration combines  improved penetration through overburden and greater depth penetration in one survey.


Radiometric Surveys: The GEOSearch Engine is used to Discover new mineralization targets.

Groundwater/Aquifer: TerraNotes CRI Index and other techniques to map groundwater/aquifers.

Environmental Spills/Leakages: TerraNotes 3D mapping of subsurface contamination plumes.

Software: Innovative approach for Fast Inversion of Large Magnetic Datasets.